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A New Type of Therapy!

Thinking of going for counselling?


Not sure if the traditional sit and talk method of counselling is right for you?


Bring2Life Creative Counselling is here to challenge the basic, boring method of therapy.


We at Bring2Life believe that therapy can look like many different things.

Are you a single parent of young kids?

What you need is a counselling session at a local playground while your kids are playing.

Are you a teenager struggling in school?

What you need is text counselling with a therapist that is available when you need them most.


Are you in-between vehicles or do you struggle with transportation?

We can come to you!

We can take you shopping while talking through your issues or just meet you at home.

The possibilities are limited only by what you can imagine!

Booking for a Group?

Fill out your name and email and we will contact you shortly with info on our group service options.

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